CASA Teach In: 2021 Legislative Session Victories, Losses & Next Steps 

Just weeks ago, the Maryland General Assembly adjourned from their 90-day legislative session. Immigrant families and immigration reform advocates across the state organized and mobilized in extraordinary ways, producing victories in Annapolis that we have not seen in decades. 

Legislators voted to 1) end state and local partnership with ICE to detain immigrants (including existing IGSAs) 2) extend the earned income tax credit to immigrant taxpayers with ITINs 3) stop ICE from accessing the MVA (and other agencies') database 4) establish a Governor's Office of Immigrant Affairs...and so much more. 

Join this Teach-In on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 to learn more about the bills that passed this session, get your questions answered about what did/didn't pass, learn about the veto and veto override process, and next steps for getting key legislation to the finish line.  

Contact: Cathryn Paul 

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